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Film Music / Music Scoring
"I Met with an Accident" is a full-length documentary that we scored
Red Eye Films, and has won several film festival awards.
It was a fun project to compose Indian music, with all of the cultural
textures, long lyrical melodic cues, and intricate percussion motifs.
"SCORNED" is a full-length Suspense-Horror film that we scored for
Aspiring Films. We decided to compose musical themes for each of
the main characters, (a classic John Williams technique), which lends
itself very well to musical interplay when characters engage in a
love scene, fight scene, or other interaction. This excerpt is the
closing credits, so it is a montage of some of the major themes.
"Flight Delay" is a short film that we scored for Aspiring Films.
This was the first project that we composed for them. During the
interview, I was asked if I could write comedic music that would
turn quickly to suspense and then fear/terror.
This cut is the last scene where our hero is hiding in a bathroom
stall, after hearing a murder in the next stall. His heart is about to
burst as he tries to remain undetected. The killer hears him and
lays in wait with a garotte wire. As the scene comes to
conclusion, the theme enters as the closing credits roll.
inspiration for a 7-movement symphony that we
composed as the groundwork for a soundtrack in
the event this suspense/action novel makes it to
the large screen. This is
"Mvt. 4- Demon's Lair"
These two song cues are part of the soundtrack for an autobiographical film
spanning the 70's & 80's that we were asked to produce.
"You're Gonna
Get Your
This song was brought to us with the guitars
already recorded. We were asked to add the drum
trax, and make it sound like Neil Peart from
Preliminary Renderings
These excerpts were written as sheet music in our software program, who's playback function renders a reasonable
audio of the instrumentation while in the composing phase. These mechanical renderings are used for reference of a
work-in-progress, or for sign-off approval on an orchestral project before going into the studio.
Sound Alikes
My early studio career was jammed with producing soundtracks for beauty pageant contestants! The college that I
attended gave full scholarships to any state Junior Miss winner. So, each year a new crop of 25-35 new pageant girls
would come into town, and a large majority of them sang as their talent. And of course, they participated in EVERY
pageant that was held that fed into Miss America or Miss USA. They would bring in an album and I would have to
reproduce the song exactly as it sounded on the album, minus the lead vocals. It was a great education in ear-training
AND recording techniques.
These excerpts are from film projects where the director has mechanical rights to a song, but not rights to use the
original recordings. So, we frequently get calls to record songs and make them sound like the original artist. For other
projects, the goal might be to play something "in the style" of a particular artist.
"The Interview" is a short film
that we scored for
(Florida Motion Picture &
Television Association)
, as
part of their 48-hr Film Project.
The film is conceived, written,
cast, filmed, and mastered
within a 48-hr time period.
Teams compete to see who
can produce the best finished
project on time! We wanted
this main theme to be a mix of
business intrigue and
Julia Florista - MIDI arrangement
to mimic original performance
"I Gotta Be Me" - reproduction of accompaniment
tracks on original Sammy Davis, Jr. recording
A Letter for Joe
"A Letter for Joe" is a feature film that
we scored for
Lazarus Filmworks
Directed by De Miller
. This was the first
project that we composed for them. It is a
re-telling of the story of Joseph, from the
Bible.  Instead of young Joseph being
sold into slavery by his jealous older
brothers, "A Letter for Joe" is set in 1970
Orlando and Las Vegas, where Joe's
brother and friends send him on a wild
trip to meet Howard Hughes, the
billionaire recluse.
The score was composed and recorded in
1 week, due to our prior project
commitments, renovation to move into
our new facilities, and the desire to enter
the film in the San Diego Film Festival.
This was the first film project produced in
our brand new studio location in Aug.
2013. It has been picked up by
Bridgestone International Media and was
released in April 2014.